Animal Crossing Leaf

Animal Crossing Leaf

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"I won't lie. A lot of folks have been asking me about buying that Leaf Earring there. But maybe the price scared 'em off so... I'll sell it to ya for 10 bells. What ya say Cousin?" 

"DIY" Materials: 

- Polymer Clay 2/2 

- Nickel Free Metal 2/2  

Each piece is handcrafted with a high attention to detail. Every earring is made from polymer clay (a lightweight and sustainable clay) and baked for an hour to ensure its flexibility and durability. We use nickel-free metal to guarantee its hypo-allergenic quality. Although each earring is durable, we do recommend treating them with care (they are wearable art after all).  

*Disclaimer* The "DIY" portion of the description is just an Animal Crossing Inside Joke.